Bathroom update: steampunk style

I seem to be bathroom queen at the moment! It happens like that sometimes, you do a few rooms in a house then clients’ come back the following year and ask you to design their bathrooms or kitchens.

We decided not to rip out these marble tiles – I mean why would you! It’s good to work with what you have sometimes. It started with this very old iron and brass clock face mirror and hey presto we were heading in a  Steampunk direction. For those of you that may not know, in the words of google “Steampunk  is a combination of both machinery and elegance. In terms of interior design, it’s style can be found in Gothic-Victorian decorations and fashion. Think of it as the industrial revolution and Gothic fashion wrapped up into one, creating an entirely new entity as a result”

So there we go – an old update on a year 2000 bathroom!

Photos of Bathroom fixtures and fittings