Osteopath Clinic Refurb

Bucking the trend!

A lot of business’ approach us wanting something different for their space. Whether that be a Clinic, Salon or Estate Agents. Tired of the traditional styleof their industry peers, they usually want something more inspirational and that ultimately embodies the philosophy of their business. At the end of the day, interiors is just one part of branding but it should wholly reflect the soul of the business as first impressions really count!

So with this client we’re steering away from clinical feel and blurring the lines! We’re helping them create a warm, relaxed environment for their patients. Whilst still maintaining a professional space where consultations and treatment are priority, we’ll also be show-casing them as a ‘centre of excellence’ for their training and products. Project due to be completed end of Jan, so keep your eyes peeled over on our Portfolio for Business…

Concept for a Clinic in Tunbridge Wells